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Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra is a science that belongs to the architecture of any living place or site. It scatters its spell using five natural elements like Vayu, Jala, Prithvi, Akash and Agni. Vastu derives the positive energy from these vital natural elements and do corrections that may be causing a great damage to the occupants or the dwellers in the particular house. It brings these energizing elements together, utilizes them for performing resurrection and ultimately revives the positive vibes for storing prosperity and joy there forever.

The awakening of continuous problems, frequent health loss, stress, piling debt and regular quarrels in the house compel us to take the aid of vastu because it is not a superstitious belief but a fact based science. Vastu Shastra has certain defined rules according to which the negativity prevailing in the house can be transformed into positivity by implementing vastu norms correctly and carefully in the house.

Vastu Directions

Vastu directions are meant to draft and eventually construct the house as per the directional tenets instructed in vastu shastra. Each direction has been assigned a specific scientific reason to establish a particular room that would abide by the significance of each cosmic force and natural elements dwelling in that corner of the site. They are as given below:

  • North (Uttar) : This direction is ruled by Kubera, the deity of treasury. This direction is perfect for locating toilet, boring or underground tank, temple, master bed-room, kid’s room, guest room and living room.
  • North-East (Eshan) : Lord Shiva reigns in this direction which is considered fit for establishing “Prayer-room”, boring or underground tank, kid’s room and living room.
  • North-West (Vaayavya) : This is the place ruled by god of wind, Vayu. Kitchen, Toilet, guest-room and living room can be established there.
  • East (Purv) : This direction has the dynasty of Lord Indra and Lord Aditya. Bath-room, kitchen, boring underground tank, temple, master bed room, kid’s room, guest room and living room should be constructed here.
  • South (Dakshin) : The lord of destruction abides here. This place should be utilized as kitchen, stairs, toilet, over head tanks and master bed-room.
  • South-East (Agneya) : The deity, Agni, dwells here that acts as an energy generator. This corner is suitable for locating kitchen, guest room, stairs, toilet, temple, master bed-room and living room.
  • South-West (Nairutya) : This direction is ruled by our ‘ancestors. Stairs, overhead tank and master bed room can be constructed in this direction.
  • West (Paschim) : Lord of water, Varuna, is the occupant deity of this direction and dining room, stairs, toilet over head tanks, master bed room and living room should be allocated there.
  • Center (Madhya) : The central part of the plot is left vacant as the creator of this universe Lord Brahma lives here and creates energizing vibes. It can be suitable place for living-room.

Vastu for Home

Home is the shelter or you can say a nest where a creature spends the constant life. Although he moves from place to place throughout the day outside his home yet ultimately he feels homesick as he has developed a crucial bond or attachment with his dwelling place. Vastu shastra has some beneficial advice to meet the best destiny and happiness in your life and it will not ask for any change in return of its fruitful service to you.

  • The plot of the house must be rectangular or square in shape.
  • Temple should be situated in the northeast corner of the house.
  • Kitchen must be in the southeast side of it.
  • Southwest direction should be utilized as Master bed room.
  • Grains and cereals can be put in the northwest direction of it.
  • Stairs can be constructed in the southeast, southwest, west or south direction in the house.
  • Kid’s room is suitable to locate in the north, east and northeast direction.
  • Living room can be established at the northeast, west or southeast direction of the house
  • Center of the house must be left vacant for religious rituals.
  • Toilets should be situated in the northwest, southeast, west, south or north direction of the house.

Vastu for Bedroom

“Gloom would bloom if vastu is not given any room in your home”
Bed-room is that tranquil place where serenity must be stored to evacuate fatigue and discomfort from the veins of your tired body. This place should have such rejuvenating energy vibes that would provide refreshing rejoice to your mind, body and soul. Vastu norms prevent the occupant from being fallen into gloominess due to mismanagement of living accessories such as:

  • Location of bed-room should be in south direction.
  • Color selection for walls and ceiling should be pastel blue or green, off white, light rose and gray.
  • Location of doors should be in the northwest, north, east or west corner of the room.
  •  Almirah should be adorned at southwest corner of the room.
  • Dressing table and mirror should be position either in the east or the north direction in bed-room.
  • Installation of television should be in the east direction of the room.
  • The bed must be kept in south, west or southwest direction.
  • The particular location of toilet and bath-room is north, south, west, southwest or northwest direction.

Vastu for Career

“Be a warrior, avoid any barrier and hence, establish your career”
Vastu has some relevant and reliable prescription for accelerating your smooth career. The vastu norms for your career are as follows:

  • An intellectual or professional must have his chair facing towards north direction along the wall of the room but should remain untouched. Don’t expose your back to the door.
  • The entrance of his specific room must be away from the main door.
  • The office should not be beside the bed room of yours. Prohibit the idea of locating your office at your residence for fruitful career.
  • The idea of adorning sharp edged table at the conference hall should be a big ‘no’.
  • Preference should be given to the use of high back chairs in the hall or office.
  • Square or rectangular shaped bench or desk should be manufactured or bought instead of irregular shape furniture. Wooden furniture would do a wonder for subscribing unlimited career hike.
  • Put a crystal on the table or bench for attracting money flow.
  • Proper lightning must be installed in the office or at work place else the murky environment would kick your career down.
  • No distractive beam into the office should fall directly on the chair or seat.

Vastu for Office

Since the establishment of stillness in human life, a man has been indulged in the hectic schedule of busy life. No doubt, everyone wants money. That’s why we work day and night. But suffering from a huge loss or financial crises despite your all fair efforts is the matter of severe concern. Vastu would suggest you some reliable solutions for bringing boom in your business or professional life. They are as follows:

  • The office must be located in such direction that east direction would be visible.
  • The door of it should have its position in the east direction while window would suit on the north side.
  • The head of the office should be given his room in south or west facing towards north or east.
  • The staff should have its room in the north or east direction.
  • The most vital account department should be established at the southeast corner of the office premises.
  • The northwest direction is perfect for marketing department.
  • Canteen should be allocated at the southeast or northwest corner.
  • Stairs can be constructed in the south, southwest or west direction.
  • Southwest or northwest direction is good for locating toilet there.
  • Cluttering and direct beam must be avoided and the center of the office should be left empty.

Vastu for Kitchen

The basic necessity of life is food that regulates all metabolic activities inside the body. Kitchen is that important place from where the initial step of health takes place. But unassembled or unsorted kitchen can cast an ill omen on our health. So we must be aware of the exact setting of kitchen and its articles in order to avoid any ill will.

  • The kitchen should be located in the southeast or northwest corner of the house.
  • Its door should be opened at 90 degree on the north, east or west side of kitchen.
  • The bigger windows should be fitted on the north wall and the suitable space for smaller windows is south wall.
  • An empty gas cylinder should be placed in the southwest corner while the full one should be kept in the southeast corner of the kitchen.
  • The southeast direction is fit for keeping your gas stove there.
  • Electrical appliances such as oven or refrigerator should be adorned at the south, southeast corner of it.
  • The place to store cereals and grains should be positioned in the south or west direction.
  • Sink must be fitted at the northeast side of the kitchen.
Vaastu Solutions

Q: I have an office at Tilakwadi Somwar Peth and intend to shift soon. The site that ......... ?

-Shivanand P, Durganawar
Answer:Lord Krishna has had many a good thing to say about the banyan tree and there are scientific .....

Vaastu Tips
EAST direction is by the planet Sun. The recommended colour for east direction is dark brown which gives purity.

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