Feng Shui for Main Door of the house

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Main door is very important and prime thing for your house because it is used and connects to the other door of the house. Some people called it main door front door and entrance door but in short we can say that it is most important part. Personally I prefer it is entrance door where your visitor or guests enter your home and judge your style of living. The front entrance to your home is regarded as the mouth of your humble abode and front entrance to your home must welcome your guests and all your family members. The main entrance of the door shows the energy and what kind of energy will enter in your home it depends on your entrance door. So your main entrance will decide whether the feng shui of your home is good or bad. Main entrance of your home is mouth of your home where most of chi enters. A well –placed main door encourages good health, wealth, and longevity. So main entrance of your home is very important, which attracts and captivate high levels of energy who will improve your life. To ensure this you have to follow the fengshui guidelines and tips for the main door. If you are planning the entrance door for your home then you should keep some relevant points in your mind like direction of your gate for instance if your house is stand on the south direction then you need to paint it according to the element of same direction.  The size of the door should be proper scale and measurement to the rest part of the house. In case it is too small it will be cause of trivial arguments for the family members on other hand it is too large it can cause of finacnical difficulties. Since doorframes are considered to be the supporting poles of the family, they should be straight and sturdy so the family fortunes will grow. The door should be constructed of good material and be pleasing to the eye. Remember that beauty is an important aspect of feng Shui. You can choose many colors for the door paint like orange, red, purple and storing pink etc because it is element of fire so it is best choice for you. Even then you can choose green and brown color because it is associated with element of wood, as it breeds of fire. Another wise decision you need to make, along with the main door, is the protection of the back of the house. This will help the house to hold the energy it absorbs. For instance, the back of the house facing south will be towards north. Thus, you can paint the back door of your house in blue or black color. This is because these colors are representative ofWater element, ruling the North direction.

You entrance door does not face and touch the corner of the other house, a tree, or a post. This is called “heart piercing sha” and can enhance sickness and financial difficulties. On the other hand, if the qi is appropriate for the sha then the qi can be enhanced. It is best that the area in front of the door (called ‘ming tang’) is open and not too close to another building, wall, hill, or mountain. If the ming tang is compromised then the qi is unable to circulate and will become like a stagnant pond. This promotes arguments about petty matters in the family. Feng shui tells if your main door towards a mountain or hill then you will face difficulties at your work and relation ship and financial loss. Feng shui advice your entrance door face should not towards the big tree or pointed objects like street light and lamppost. The corner of the neighbor’s house or the chimney should not toward your entrance door.  Your main door should not open to the road which connects to the highway or straight road a ‘Y’ or a ‘T’ configuration because Y can far away from your wealth as well as confuse the mind regarding which direction best for you or which path is right. T point is not creating the problem but generally it is difficult for a residence. Being at the end of a T-junction brings a rush of qi to your door. your main door face infront of the temple, church, monastery, or cemetery can make your home endangered to the yang spirit that  exist such places looking for yin places to live. It is less difficult when the buildings or cemetery are to the side or the back of the home. It is also inauspicious to face your door in front of a narrow space between two buildings. The qi moves through the narrow space very fast and can cause many problems, particularly with your health. According to my views accurate door is a beautiful mouth of the house. When it is well – placed then it will bring prosperity and happiness in your life. Even if it is not in the best place, if it is beautiful it will attract more harmony than an ugly door. Keeping the area around the door clean and adorned with beautiful objects and flowers adds even more to the harmony.

According to Feng Shui principles doors are known as the “mouth of chi.” Energy enters a building through the front door and also through each door in your home and/or office.
Here we tell some handy tips
• Door should look solid and protective.
• Main door should open inwards
• Main door should open into an open space.
• Main door should look out to an open space.
• Main door should not be under a toilet/bathroom
• Main door should be located at one of your house’s fortunate location
• Main door should face one of your personal fortunate directions.
• Main door should not face a stair case or toilet

• Doors that squeak, stick, have broken latches or handles should be repaired.
• Ideally, doors should open to the widest view of the room
• Install bright lights on either side of the doorway to lift the energy of the entrance with positive, yang energy. You can also use lighting to lift chi inside the front door so that guests feel uplifted on entering your space.


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