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In today’s generation, industries play a major role. Irrespective of the country / nation, industries has its own importance.

Industrialists not only grow themselves but also give their contribution in growing the country’s economy. They provide employment to the youths who are in need of a job to make their stand in this fast moving life and get along the society. The industrialist’s whether it is a small scale industry or a large scale industry has a vision to accomplish, struggles to get a loan approved for the projects, invest in the industry and sets his goals to accomplish himself the society. In-spite of all the hard-work and planning, they fail to get to the stairs of success. They face many problems in the industry for e.g :

1.     Fire accident in the factory / unit.

2.     Strike by the labors

3.     Defame of a particular product / unit / plant.

4.     Machinery problem / generator breakdown etc..

5.     Legal problems (Tax dept. / Electricity dept. / Custom dept. etc..)

6.     And other problems like lack of labor, delay in raw materials / lack of orders for the finished goods, negative impact in the society in case of small scale industries.

All these may be due to Vaastu defects. Before constructing the industry /plant / unit they don’t consult a vaastu expert. The question arises like

Will the industry type suit him?

The plot facing / shape / size / negative or positive vibrations is suitable? Etc…..

In-spite of being aware of vaastu principles, some go to a vaastu consultant who might be an expert only in residential vaastu. There are different rules for industrial vaastu / commercial vaastu / residential vaastu etc.

Type of industries :

Iron : TMT (Sariya) / Inget / Bileat / Roll / Sheet etc..

Plastic : Sheets / Rolls / packaging / chemicals / footwear etc..\

Bio-medical Waste

Coal mines / Coal Bhatta / Brick Bhatta

Handicrafts / Chemicals / Flour Mill / Rice Mill / Pulses etc..


Jugad or Kabad

All types of industries do not suit everyone. The same way vaastu principles are also different for each type of industry. The calculation is based on analysis of date of birth and vaastu to find the right industry type for the right person.

Mr. Singal keeps all these factors in mind and provides consultation. He has also given consultancy to industries which has been bankrupt and gone through heavy loss for them to stand up again. He has helped industrialists to sell their property in the market value which was to be sold under value. He gives them tips regarding the letter head / visiting cards / monogram / color scheme / interior / exterior etc..

While he was learning his vaastu skills he has visited many industries along with his mentor / master (guru). Mr. Singal is a technical person and because of this even many consultants seeks his guidance. He is also nick named as Vaastu Naresh.

 He has visited industrial area / industries in Chattisgarh / Raipur / Rajgarh / Jharkhand / Bihar / J & K / Himachal Pradesh / Haryana / Punjab / Jaipur. And in Delhi Okhla / Naraina / Udyog Vihar / G.T. Karnal Road etc. His international clients are from Jebal Ali industrial area. He has also provided consultancy to stone crushers / printing press etc..

Some of the industries types he has visited as given below :

            Steel  Factory

Cement Factory

Sponge iron

Inget factory

Bealet factory

Flour Mill

Rice Mill

Daal Mill

Saw mill

Fly Ash Brick Mill

Chemical Industry


TMT Bar (saria)

Oil Mill

Ice Cream Plant

Gutakaa Company

Cigarette Company

Fabrication Company

Eva Chapel

Paint industry

Furniture Industry

 Laminate Company 

Board & Ply Company

Wire & Cables

Fiber Glass Products

Bathroom Fitting

Adhesives & Glue 

Aluminum & Aluminum Products

Chemical Processing Machines

Dies & Moulds 

Door Hardware & Fittings 

Fabrics & Textiles

Gas Plants

Insulation Materials

Jute & Jute Products

Knitted & Hosiery Products 

Laboratory Equipment & Labware

Medical Equipment

 Packing & Lamination Machines

 Packing & Lamination Materials

 Paints & Varnishes

 Paper & Paper Products

 Pesticides & Insecticides

Rugs & Carpets

Sheet Metal Components



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