Vaastu For Marriage

by / Friday, 17 April 2015 / Published in All, Tv Shows


Description :In this video we will show you the predictions of some people with their birth date. DOB — 08.10.1983 On this date the person who born has lack of confidence. He also faces the problem of stomach, may go through the surgery also. In bad time no one helps, either family members or friends. You get marry late. Go Shani temple on every Saturday or Shiva temple on every Monday. This will helps you to come out from problems. From 2010 you will see the good time in your life. DOB — 01.01.1978 On this date the person who born is very ambitious. IT industry is good for them. They will also be a good consultant for any firm. Any business is not fruitful for you. A person also faces the dispute between his parents. His parents may also live separate. But at last you have the destiny to live with your parents because seven number is in your birth date. DOB — 20.06.1986 On this date the person who born has lack of confidence, lazy and effortless. Gold plated bracelet, watch etc. wear on hand, it is beneficial for you. After marriage your destiny will change and you will get settle.

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