Vastu for Home

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Home is the shelter or png;base64c48f790031ae695fyou can say a nest where a creature spends the constant life. Although he moves from place to place throughout the day outside his home yet ultimately he feels homesick as he has developed a crucial bond or attachment with his dwelling place. Vastu shastra has some beneficial advice to meet the best destiny and happiness in your life and it will not ask for any change in return of its fruitful service to you.

  • The plot of the house must be rectangular or square in shape.
  • Temple should be situated in the northeast corner of the house.
  • Kitchen must be in the southeast side of it.
  • Southwest direction should be utilized as Master bed room.
  • Grains and cereals can be put in the northwest direction of it.
  • Stairs can be constructed in the southeast, southwest, west or south direction in the house.
  • Kid’s room is suitable to locate in the north, east and northeast direction.
  • Living room can be established at the northeast, west or southeast direction of the house
  • Center of the house must be left vacant for religious rituals.
  • Toilets should be situated in the northwest, southeast, west, south or north direction of the house.



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