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Vastu for North Facing House


East or west, which direction is the best for the appropriate location of your house? Well, here we are going to discuss about the house facing towards the north direction. The privilege of abiding in the house that has been constructed under the supervision of vastu laureate architect entertains the most amazing and wonderful healthy environment. The whole site is categorized into “Mandalas” and the magnetic field is created from the north pole of the specific plot. Rest of the vastu suggestions for the north facing house are as follows:

·       The main entrance should be from the northeast direction. And the main door should be taller than the rest of the doors in the house.

·       Either east or north direction of the site is recommended to leave as an open area of the house.

·       If you want to extend the northeast corner for the sake of constructing balcony or portico, it would be an approved idea to build it. But don’t let the dimension of such balcony to extend beyond the measurement of southeast corner of the house.

·       The Southeast corner is an ideal choice for constructing your kitchen in that terrain. If it seems difficult then northeast corner will justify the location of kitchen.

·       Staircase lets the sway of positive flow of energizing vibes but provided that they must be designed in the northwest corner of the plot instead of northeast direction.

·       Security room, electricity meter board and garage should not be built in the northeast corner of the specific site.

·       Any kind of cluttering or heap of litter can hinder the positive revivification of energizing vibes. Hence, the drainage of waste water or rain water should be flown from the northeast direction. This direction has the advantage of concentration enhancement and future career in regard with studies.

·       An enormous tree in the north of your house must be uprooted as it interrupts the flow of wind and sunlight that can lead to health risk.

·       Direct beam or reflection should be cut off to enter into the house.

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