Vastu for Toilet

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Toilets are the channel through which discharging of litter or, you can say, waste is done in any accommodation. Insanitary conditions invite inauspicious environment and even severe loss of property or life. It is aptly said ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. Therefore, good luck and fortune can be in your destiny with the careful vastu implementation in your home.


1. Either north-west, south or west direction is suitable for constructing toilet as well as for bathroom in the house. It removes any hindrance in the way of financial prosperity, health, hygiene and bliss.

2. Entrance must be built up in the eastern side.

3. Broader windows should be constructed on either eastern or northern wall. But smaller windows should be fixed on the western wall only.

4. Either south or west direction should be chosen for constructing changing room.

5. Both south-east and north-west are suitable for placing washing machine in this room.

6. WC should be fitted in the south-east or north-west direction facing north or south.

7. Taps and showers must be fitted in the north direction only.

8. Electrical appliances, such as geyser, switchboards etc., should be installed in the south-east corner of it.

9. West part of this room should be occupied with bath-tub.

10. North, east or north-east corner would be suitable for fitting sink.

11. Overhead tank must acquire it’s space in the north-west direction.

12. Placement of mirror will be suggested on either eastern or western wall.

13. The slope of toilets should be northwards or eastwards for the drainage of untidy water to the north-east.

All this helps in exchanging negative vibes with positive vibes.



1. Either north or east direction is recommended for taking bath.

2. Untidy and unwashed drapes must be placed in the north-west. Northern and eastern corners would not be apt for putting them in this room.

3. Door of this room is prohibited to be fitted in the south-west direction.

4. Toilet wall must not be shared with kitchen and dining room. There must be safe distance among these rooms.

5. Adequate hygienic conditions would revitalize the positive vibes & move freely in this room.

6. Decorative shrubs will enhance the beauty of the toilets. So make them a part of it.


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